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Living-Foods: Personals: DanielBrent

Id Number002298
Date PostedFeb 10, 2002
LocationBerkeley, CA, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 2in.
OccupationTech Recruiter/Musician
DescriptionI'm a tall thin white male.Disease free,non smoker,clean shaven,olive skinned,pretty teeth.I'm a spiritualist,that truly believes that unconditional love means that you encourage your loved ones to be whatever it is they want to be whether or not you approve.I have been working alot lately on the integration of my shadow.What an amazing trip this is.I'm very resourceful,a fast learner,high IQ {whatever that's worth}I work for myself,I'm in the middle of a very friendly divorce,I have 2 sons from 2 different relationships,and finally I feel more that ever before that I'm an infinite being experiencing a human evolution. Danny 408-307-4208
HobbiesMaking beautiful music with my friends,meditating,taking long walks/baths eating well,making love,being generous of spirit
GoalsI want to make 10 million dollars in ten years! I know this sounds on the surface to be very superficial,but I believe that poverty is a stupid ego trip.he world is experiencing the most advanced civilization it has ever produced,and WE need money and lots of it to experience it all.The trick of course is to make the money doing what you love to do.Then it is not work,it is love.I used to think that if only I had this person,or that job,or that tool/car/ETC that I would have it made.I now realize that I have it made right now.The splendor of life is so rich and beautiful,and full of diversity and abundance that I will never again be ungrateful or unaware.I want to produce original "Rock n Roll" records{CD'S} for my life's work,but I'm flexible about this.I want NO absolutes.Of course life will much sweeter still with you in it
QuoteCall me or send an email,personal quotes change almost daily
Ideal MateI'm looking for a thin or petite White or Asian,or Indian woman. She will be irrestible to me,and I to her,She will be honest about her needs,she will not project her lifes goals on to our relationship,she will be loving,even tempered,patient and a good communicator.She will be discreet with the revelations she learns about me.She will love herself as much as she loves others.She will have a dedication to her own spiritual development,she will love making love.I could go on but if you like what you see so far,let's at least exchange email
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