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Living-Foods: Personals: Alena

Id Number002116
Date PostedNov 3, 2001
LocationSödertälje, Södermanland, Sweden
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
OccupationScience student
DescriptionA loving young woman who likes learning new things. Strong. Stubborn when she's right, a good helpful listener who loves to give advice. Has an intense strong side and likes to enhance physical and mental strength and clarity. Extremely intuitive. A Star Person/Starsoul/Starborn. Also the typical Scorpio woman.
HobbiesReading and learning, primarily about nutrition, medicine and science. Going to the gym, running, swimming, hiking, some harmless martial arts (such as Aikido). Meditation and yoga. Science-fiction. Extraterrestrial studies. Travels. Drawing and painting.
GoalsTo eventually convert to 100% rawfoods (it has to be fun, not forced). Keep growing stronger inside and out, gaining consciousness. To become a scientist and study the lifeforce in nutrition or other areas of science. And I want to join the military.
Quote"Raw food or no food!" and "Unconditional Love."
Ideal MateHe is mature and knows himself well. Shares my interest in either science or active sports and the military - or both. He is strong as a person, conscious and strives to gain knowledge. He doesn't accept things for simply "being", but must find out why and how, gaining knowledge and conciousness. Intelligent and scientific. Has good health and takes good care of himself. Lives mainly on rawfoods and makes nutritional benefitial food choices. He has a focused charismatic look in his eyes, and is gentle, warm and unconditionally loving. Ideally, the older the better, as long as he's alive and healthy!
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