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Living-Foods: Personals: Ben Loggins

Id Number002072
Date PostedOct 1, 2001
NameBen Loggins
LocationSan Francisco, CA, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
DescriptionMy Personal story: I’m interested in working towards improving the world and myself. I listen to a wide range of electronic, ambient, hip-hop, and techno music. Would rather be with a few people than a large crowd, however, I really enjoy concerts, parties, clubs, and shows. Pursued lucid dreaming and obe-ing in the past, but have lost sight of those activities currently. Attempting to be Vegan, and trying to eat 100% raw foods - carbohydrates won't let me go (or vice versa). I'd like to help others, heal others, and learn more about the healing arts. My Career story: I've been working in new media and the web for the past 4 years. I'm trained as an illustrator and a designer. I like being creative, and would like to produce records, make video games, and design mind-blowing CG. I have moral issues with the media and advertising, although I work in those fields.
HobbiesProducing music, drawing, reading, playing video games, doing yoga, listening to music, and spending time online.
GoalsI'd like to be at peace with everything through becoming selfless and by transcending earthly existence. I'd like to alter the future course of history in a positive way, causing change amongst humanity towards acceptance of vegetarian and vegan living - led by example (not preaching). I want to ultimately be happy, healthy and have a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. Ego-driven goals: to produce records, and amazing video games that will promote change sociologically. To travel frequently, to permanently relocate to the Netherlands as a home base, and spend a considerable amount of time in developing nations.
Ideal MateThey should be Vegan, or aspiring to be. The pursuit of health and well-being would be a common goal we’d share. Tolerance, open mindedness, and no fear to speak their true thoughts and feelings would be some of their traits. Sincere and individual style with the way they dress and present themselves…they don’t blindly follow popular trends. It would be amazing if they were a fan of techno music as well as video games. They are spiritual beings. They should maintain a lifestyle that includes, but is not limited to, yoga and meditation.
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