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Living-Foods: Personals: Andrew

Id Number002065
Date PostedSep 27, 2001
LocationSouth Orange,, South Orange,, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
OccupationFreelance commercial aviation artist
Description Highly affectionate.intelligent/have been told by many of my close friends that I've got a very unique sense of humor/dress casually in blk. I am self-taught in the area of aerodynamics/commercial aviation design. I design my own more aerodynamically advanced variants of existing commercial aircraft like the 757, 767, & 777 widebody twinjet airplanes. I'm real good at what I do. With that, I'm a major airplane buff. I love to fly. My favorite plane is the McDonnellDouglas MD-80, & my favorite airline is Continental & DELTA. Heck, I even know all the pre-take-off announcements BY HEART! I try very hard to maintain a very good sense of humor. I love to make people laugh when they're feeling blue, & to cheer them up. I love to eat "Sushi Sashimi." Spicy Tuna/Spicy Salmon, is my all-time favorite Nippon cuisine. My favorite music is 80's techno/70's love songs. My favorite group is "BREAD - Anthology of BREAD." My favorite 80's tune is: "BRAND NEW LOVER" by the group "Dead or alive." The learics go: "What I really need to do, is find myself a brand new lover; some-bo-dy who's nice to me, who doesn't know it's all together! What I really need to do, is find-a-brand-new-lov-er!" Yeah, baby! :) Cool, huh? I love alot of 80's songs, & that one ranks as one of my favorites. I'm also an animal lover. My favorite doggie is the Basset Hound/Bloodhound.
Hobbies Mountain biking, softball, soccer & reading up on the commercial airline industry.
Goals To sell more of my aviation drawings, & by a fully-loaded LEXUS! My other future goal 1st & foremost, is to find a nice young lady, who'll atleast have a good sense of humor like me, & just be very affectionate & want me for 'me.'
Quote "Hello, ladies & gentlemen, at this time we'd like to welcome ya'll aboard DELTA AIRLINES flt. # 465 with non-stop Boeing 727-200 jet service from Atlanta Hartsfield Int'll Airport to Newark, NJ. As you may have already noticed, the captain has illuminated the seatbelt signs indicating that you must be in your seats with your seatbelts securely fastened. I'f there's anyone seated at an over-wing exit row who does not feel comfortable or who is unwilling to open the exit in the event of an emergency, please let the cabin-crew know at this time, so we may change your seat assignment. Once again, this is DELTA AIRLINES flt. # 465, servicing Newark, NJ." "Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for push-back..." "Hello, ladies & gentlemen, this is yer' captain speaking; my name is Capt. Bobby Blue, along with 2nd officer Bill Smith & flight engineer Will Rogers. On behalf of your Atlanta based flight crew onboard today, we'd like to welcome ya'll aboard DELTA's flight 4-6-5 servicing aaah, Newark International airport. Ts'such a beautiful day to fly; once the ground-crew is finished servicing the aircraft & all doors have been secured, we will receive our clearance from the tower to push-back from the gate. The weather report for the Newark area is clear skies, 40 degreez with winds blowing out of the SouthWest at 15 mph. We expect slight turbulance en-route; I'll try my best to avoid the rough-spots, & to make your flight as smooth & comfortable as possible. Once again, thanx for choosing DELTA."
Ideal Mate Must be very affectionate & have an accepting personality. I'm not looking for any kind of a "just friends" relationship. I require a very affectionate relationship, with elements of friendship in it. Respectfully, nothing less would suffice. My partner needs to live in the imediate Tri-state area next to NJ. No long-distance relationships; they simply don't work. They're doomed to failure. I need my partner to be accessable, & willing to want to spend alot of quality time with me, as I would gladly do for her. You don't have to wear any makeup for me, as I will gladly accept you the way you are. That's the type of guy who I am, & I feel that is the right way to treat anyone. It is, right? I may be very affectionate, but I still do know how to treat a lady, quite well. I would like to try my luck at meeting someone preferably btwn. 20-40, & in the weight range of btwn. 150-300 lbs./btwn. 4' & 6'6". I love a woman with extra meet on her bones. (Extra padding.) Just like I have. :)
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