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Living-Foods: Personals: Kris

Id Number002007
Date PostedAug 13, 2001
LocationPortland, OR, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
Occupation Iridologist, clinical nutrition, counselor, shaman, speaker, author, national exhibitor
DescriptionAquarian, Pisces-rising, and moon-Libra. People comment about my beautifully clear eyes (ironic I am an Iridologist). Very attractive and physically fit, medium-muscle build; lean and sun-ripen when possible! Look 5yrs younger and act 10yrs older than my age. Flirtatious and devoted to my lover. I'm passionate, direct, self-reliant, confident, philosopher, personable, and honest. Stillness and a relaxing home is essential. Completion a book entitled the Raw Conscious Evolution. Financially self-supporting. Join my personals on my website and get even greater exposure!
HobbiesSharing thoughts, hand-holding, snuggling, frisbee, ocean or river visits, exercise, hiking, evening walks, camping, motorcycling, traveling to sacred sights, week-long road trips, club dancing, jazz-blues-classical-80's-oldies, stock investing, mountain biking, swimming, food, participating in spiritual ceremony.
GoalsCreate more space for fun, relaxing and exciting adventures. Bring my art interests back into my life. Continue on my path of a Raw Conscious Evolution. To become more financially independent through stock investing, then invest some of it back into environmentally friendly industries and causes. Become an internationally renowned speaker/practitioner respected by both allopathic and holistic communities. Be able to travel and explore new lands, cultures and spiritual-highs at will. Purchase land in 5-7 years and establish an ecologically based family homestead.
QuoteThe best quote is one that is positive, persuasive, passionate, poignant, and personal. "Live life to the fullest potential possible!"
Ideal MateAge: 26-36 years. 80%+ raw vegan. Someone I balance and who balances me. Young at heart, physically fit, proportioned, energetic, compassionate. Physical attraction is important for me. Be totally in love and feel "warm and fuzzy" when we star into each others eyes. Enjoy a good "lip-lock." A woman who can be calm and centered, self-confident and assertive. Be light-hearted and able to appreciate the serious side of an Aquarian.
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