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Living-Foods: Personals: Sekou Browne

Id Number001998
Date PostedAug 6, 2001
NameSekou Browne
LocationNorcross, GA, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
OccupationCollege Student & Entrepeneur (
DescriptionI'm a laid back, witty, thought driven, open-minded, caring, responsible and driven brotha determined to answer life's many questions. Being that I love to learn, I'm constantly trying to absorb as much information on a wide range of topics, which (I have been told in the past) makes me a great conversationalist and very easy to get along with. All and all, if you are looking to kick back, relax and have a nice time, I'm a great person to keep your company. Why am I single you may ask? Good question! The past year I've metamorphosized several times from a everything eater (meat, milk, junk food, you name it I've had it) to lactose veg to vegetarian to vegan and now I'm trying to move into the living/raw foods thing, which oddly (Considering that I've grown a great deal over the past year) have had some issues dating. I never thought sharing the same eating habits were so important until now. Not to generalize, but many of the women I've encounter do not share the same vision as I on health. Basically, they think I'm a health nut, but I can't get mad at them. If I'm gonna be crazzy over anything it's going to be my well-being. Sorry! It's not that I lack patience or anything it's just I rather be in the presence of a Queen that shares some of the same basic interests, especially regarding health. Why or how could I consider building any type of future with a women that doesn't this as a main concern? Puzzling, but maybe it's just me.
HobbiesReading, Writing, Ciphing with people, Exercising, Preparing and Cooking foods, Listening to soulful music, Watching Movies, Playing or watching B-ball, Musuems, Parks
GoalsI plan on being a successful professor, high/middle school teacher, writer, entrepeneur and part-time stripper. Just kidding about the teacher thing (smile), I mean about being a stripper (But it has always been a dream of mine, dont kill a man's dreams).
Quote"I'd be lying if I told you I didn't want millions, but more than money saved I want to save children." This is a quote taken from one of my favorite artist's Common, but I try never to lose sight of this no matter what endeavor I pursue in life.
Ideal MateHonestly, the only qualities that I possess that I would like my mate to have is to be caring, funny, and trying or willing to learn new things. Everything else she may bring to the table would only be complimentary and make things all the more fun and interesting.
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