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Living-Foods: Personals: Songstress

Id Number001985
Date PostedJul 29, 2001
LocationNorthern California, CA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 0in.
Hairlong, brown tresses
DescriptionVery dedicated, published, performing singer-songwriter, recording artist. Songs for the world to sing, to help beckon mankind back to a place of simplicity and connection with self and all living things. Very healthy, young, alive.
HobbiesHiking through the meadows, skipping through tall grass, seeking to understand the language of the birds and butterflies, dancing with the trees, singing with the stars.
GoalsA better, healthier world. Global music success reaching a very wide audience through all media. An organic ranch in the country to nurture and sustain family and a loving-living life of joy, nature. A rural school, where children can enhance their artistic talents free from society's false information and oppression of the arts and artists. Where they can re-discover their connection with nature and learn to practice art to make a saner world.
QuoteThe sky is not the limit, it's the entrance gate.
Ideal MateWe are both successful, and on the same path of making a better world. My handsome prince, nature boy, dedicated teammate, willing to do whatever it takes to get this message out. Strong and secure enough to be willing to be Mr. Mom for our family, and shining light of support for both the on-the-road as well as homestead life. You are healthy, loving, powerful and gentle, vibrant, aware, happy, powered by living raw foods, giving, present, with the energy and real intelligence to truly make a difference. You are truly ready and able now for this exciting adventure. Able to give and receive infinite love. Individually we are happy, healthy, successful. Together we are magic...
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