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Living-Foods: Personals: Tricia

Id Number001911
Date PostedJun 17, 2001
LocationLong Island City, NY, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
OccupationRN, Holisitic Health Counselor
DescriptionAlways looking to learn more about the natural world... especially my being in it. I revere the healing arts and continually try to expand my knowledge and creativity in it. I am a unique and wonderful person (as everyone is!) who loves to love, share, and explore new things. There are so many places to go and experience, I enjoy my days to the fullest and look forward to what lies ahead. All of my jobs entail working one on one with people, that is the joy of my life!! And I have a beautiful... who I live each day with and for.
HobbiesCreative and expressive dance,.... listening, opening others up to new realms I love taking walks, exploring nature (any chance I get) and travelling. Driving is fun, when I'm out of the city and I like playing sports.
GoalsNear future... working on a Healthy Food program for the children and their families in my community. To establish a business for healing... already have great ideas and a portfolio.. and later in life, form a foundation for healers.
QuoteThat which is born pure and beautiful, shall always remain.
Ideal MateWell... there may not be an ideal for me. There are qualities I adore in someone, such as: openness, honesty, compassion, can genuinely feel and express love, someone who has passion inside of him for his life purpose and those he holds dear to him, a man with a positive attitude and beautiful air of confidence, a man who judges by what he feels and sees... intuitive and aware. Most of all, someone who recognizes the gentle and beautiful spirit inside of me, and appreciates what I believe in and how I express it.
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