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Living-Foods: Personals: dana

Id Number001893
Date PostedJun 10, 2001
Locationnowhere, anywhere, usa
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Hairblack & curly when i don't shave it all off
Occupationdishwasher at natural food store...for now
Descriptioni possess many flattering characterstics and a few unflattering traits. the good thing is that i self-analyze myself way too much, so i can keep the undesirable stuff in check. i'm creative, a bit zany, sensitive, kind,intelligent, compassionate, funny, sometimes a walking contradiction, but always nonconventional. for now, i'm 99.92% vegan, but the body is responding loudly to raw foods and who can argue with the body? i'm attractive, health conscious (not as fit as i want to be, but getting there), tattooed, pierced, non smoker, non drinker/drug user. ummmmmm...what else?
Hobbiesspirituality, yoga, art, writing, politics/social justice, health & fitness, music and other stuff that hasn't come to mind, yet.
Goalsto study art & writing at the do 'scorpion' (yoga) incorporate more raw foods into my diet (i'm REALLY new to this) travel the pay my student loans as painlessly as possible..find a job that stimulates the spirit and find a lover who stimulates the body & mind;) cut down on my inspire & be inspired. and to correpsond with folks with similar interests and lifestyles.
Ideal Matesensitive, compassionate, funny, honest, kind & gentle, non smoker,non-judgemental (but not afraid to call someone on their b.s), non drinker, non drug users (sorry, marijuana DOES count), fit & health conscious, politically & socially aware, non-materialistic and superficial. of course looking for someone who is emotionally stable, who isn't bigoted, misogynist, or elitist.
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