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Living-Foods: Personals: Deni

Id Number001844
Date PostedMay 24, 2001
LocationCols, OH, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
OccupationMedical Student (by night) Financial Officer (research field)(by day)
DescriptionSWPF/non-smoker/no children/no pets (can travel/relocate), Reiki Master; Certified Holistic (mind/body/spirit) Coach; Certified Mentor; Acupressure Bodywork Practitioner; Polarity Therapy; Gestalt Therapy; Iridology Reflexology; Guided Imagery; Muscle Testing (Kinesiology); Chakra Balancing; Breath Therapy; Biofeedback; classy, enjoy life, have fun, plant a seed of knowledge in everyone you meet-it comes back to you in such wonderful ways.
HobbiesLifting weights, speed walking, biking, gardening, designing, inventing, reading, writing poetry/books that touch your soul, watching big smiles happen when you share wisdom about natural medicine to people who want to get well, listening to the elderly tell stories about their life experiences, enjoying family and friends.
GoalsDoctorate Degree/PHD, Natural Medicine/Natural Healing; Holistic clinic with team of doctors who believe in alternative treatments; work for the CDC, NIH or VA in alternative research therapies.
QuoteOur perception to become aware of pain or suffering of viewing, by feeling a vibration using a mental stimuli given back as a gift, by mirroring wisdom of thought and processing intent to shift the beliefs that have been held within. To have a clear state of mind by invitation to experience mind, body and spirit with unity or oneness, gravitating to our life force energy, stimulating healing light by sense or sight to encompass the desire to experience trinity within life; embracing harmony, the musical chords of free will as we reach to the top step of serendipity. (TM) (cannot be reprinted/copied without permission of author)
Ideal MateSWPM/non-smoker/no children/no pets (can travel), handsome (ask your mom), 38-48 (with hair) :), educated, classy, focused, athletic, tall, independent thinker, self-confident, caring, romantic heart, professional, medical/chemistry/scientific field/background, fun to be around, respect your parents, do community service events, like spending time with the elderly, enjoy teaching children who want to learn about life, want children someday.
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