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Living-Foods: Personals: dave

Id Number001832
Date PostedMay 22, 2001
Locationbloomington, in, usa
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
Occupationindentured servitude(general laborer)
Descriptionleary of anything that comes out of a can(haha) - since of humor, self awareness(hence-universal awareness, love nature, non religous - but very aware of religion/mythical influences and values, aspiring to be independent of all forms of controlling "powers that be" i.e. government, religion, social status's, man made ideas and laws... compassionate, love to talk, togetherness, sexually active and not bound up with sexual restrictions, understanding, ....i live in a self converted rv that is solar powered and very refridge, i spunge bath, this goes along with what i call finachial fasting by liveing simple(but i find simple living very wonderful) - once i am out of debt from my old life (which should be in about 3 years) then i can do what i want and go anywhere i want...
Hobbiesmusician, reading, philosophy, hiking, non conventional living, spiritual sexuality, camping, drawling, knife throwing, nudism and sunbathing, foraging for wild foods, fasting, traveling.
Goalsi have it in mind to experience what the early "naural " man must have experienced - it would be a test and alot can be learned but it will also be a way of life and potentailly bring a new diminsion to raw fooders...and enviromental recovery too! a male and female to nomadically travel (by foot) ... to be a raw foodist is not enough - we would have to forage for wild vegetation and fruits and herbs ... exposure to the entire nude body of sun and air as much as in the wild and frequenting excepting communities to share our adventures and successes... to be primitive in the since that the whole earth is our house and the sky is our roof and that mother nature will provide our every need... the big test is to have natural child birth in the wilderness and raise these incredible children in the safty of the earth! but this can not have the full impact with out the wisdom of woman and the determination of man! it needs the completeness of that dinamic union... please email me - if you are interested in taking raw foodism even further!!!!raw living...this will bring the earth back to its natural state....
Quoteeat raw or nothing at all. raw eating gives way to raw living.
Ideal Mateprefer that they had no children so that we could have our first children together. spontanious and random. does not wear make-up. does not cut or shave any hair. does not use underclothing. wears natural fibers like hemp or cotton. is not shy about expression - i.e. verbal, artistic, physical, sexual.
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