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Living-Foods: Personals: Beth

Id Number001815
Date PostedMay 9, 2001
LocationAsheville, NC, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 4in.
DescriptionI am an adventurous individual that had embarked upon the greatest adventure of ones life, the purification of mind and body. I love the woods and outdoor activities, caving, hiking, camping and anything that will surround me with nature and it's wonders. I practice meditation and find the "Art of Living" is guided by ones mind. I am an advent reader and when I am not working I am reading. I am an independent indiviual of many facets. I enjoy all that is new in my life and enjoy sharing the things that most important. I am a very giving person yet I will not give to control another's life. I am respectful of others and all that is their choice for their life.
HobbiesCaving, Camping, Hiking, reading, playing with my dog, computers, meditation
GoalsTo leave in joy!
QuoteDarkness, you know, is not real. It is mearly a lack of light. Turn on the light and the darkness will be seen to be nothing!
Ideal MateI dream of a partner in this life. He would be different from me in many ways and yet our strenght would be in the connection that we had. He would be patient and understanding. He would know me so well that keeping anything from him would be impossible. He would be strong and a hard worker and play equally as so. He would be adventurous and love to explore unknown areas of the world and of each other. He would be independent and understand I was as well. We would share our lives knowing how long it was for us to find each other. He would love nature and respect his body and mind.
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