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Living-Foods: Personals: Kenneth Laufer

Id Number001785
Date PostedApr 20, 2001
NameKenneth Laufer
LocationNew York, NY, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
DescriptionHello! I'm a classical musician, Juilliard graduate, composer and writer of music and lyrics for the theater, a humorist (so I have that often asked for "sense of humor" other words, I'm not SENZA humor, (if you get my Italian!) I'm very healthy and health minded...of course, that's to be expected at a website like this!! I work out, I'm thin, 5'11" in height (not weight), have a good-looking face. I'm very kind and considerate, just a nice Jewish atheist west side guy! I like all the usual movies, theater, but also hiking...walking all over New York wishing they had ONLY non-polluting vehicles, etc. etc. I am an avid WBAI radio listener...but hope they get rid of the usurpers who currently run it, and am actively engaged in that struggle. I am a practicer of the Sedona stress-reduction method.
HobbiesActivist in left-wing politics, and alternative medicine issues.
GoalsTo write a hit broadway or off-broadway musical. To live to a very ripe, healthy young age of 120 or more! To marry and maybe have kids. To get my big choral piece "Requiem for the 20th Century" (which is a progressive critique of our society) performed.
QuoteMy quote would begin with my favorite Noam Chomsky quote!: "This is a business-run huckster society, and its primary value is deceit." You can count on me to fight this "deceit", while still trying to have fun in life.
Ideal MateI seek a warm, intelligent, fit, fun-loving, perhaps a bit quirky lady who likes the great classical music which makes life worth living! ...And the sensuality between two people which makes it even more worth living!
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