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Living-Foods: Personals: Anita Alexander

Id Number001767
Date PostedApr 6, 2001
NameAnita Alexander
LocationNewport Beach, CA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
OccupationMarketing Director/Creative Director
DescriptionI am living the truth of what I believe and who I am and it's great to be alive! Some of my friends say I am beautiful and wise and the amazing thing is that every year I get older I get better - more attractive, wiser, making better choices. I am a masterpiece in progress...still a few refinements away from being finished! Somehow I have escaped the "getting old" syndrome - must be my great raw foods diet. But I am far from perfect!
HobbiesChristian, water & nature-lover, 14-year old son (last year we were into natural disasters, this year it's WWII), trying to serve God and humanity as best I can and still keep a sense of humor and some compassion for the (sometimes) sad earth we inhabit, the mysteries of the Bible and God's plan for man.
GoalsTo become one of the world's most beautiful women - inside and out, and glorify God in everything I do.
QuoteGenesis 1:29
Ideal MateChristian, raw-foodist, tall, nature-lover, sense of humor, tender, masculine, not afraid to show that he is in process like me, romantic, fascinated by the mysteries of life, the world, God, science, geology, gardening and everything that makes us who we are. In awe of life.
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