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Living-Foods: Personals: Jennie

Id Number001699
Date PostedMar 4, 2001
LocationBoynton Beach, Florida, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 3in.
OccupationCert. Hypnotist/Reiki Healer
DescriptionI am 5'3is, blonde hair, eye color vaires depending on my mood. I am spiritual rather than religious. I am compasionate, well-educated, sincere, honest, open-minded, non-judgemental and believe that all things are possible. I have learned in my journey that the only barriers we reach are the ones we place on oursleves. I believe in open communication, integraty and most of all, honesty. Three things that keep a relationship stable, whether you are just friends, or romantically involved. I have been a vegitarian since age 13 (80%). Recently, I have embraced the living raw food way (100%)and love it!! I love the beach, especially at night, and visit it often. I am a certified hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer. I will be going for my Masters level in Reiki this summer. I enjoy practicing and teaching medidtation, Reiki, and hypnosis. I am also currently writing a book and am currently looking for an illustrator for my children's book. Ways I balance myself, besides all of the above is through singing and gentle dancing/tia chi movement. I would love to get an informal band together some day. I love to laugh and tend to joke around when appropriate. I believe that laughing is the key to life happiness. Call it smile therapy. Even though well educated, I have been known to be a poor speller..pls. don't take that against me ;-)
HobbiesWriting, the beach, meditation, learning, teaching,juicing,trying new recipes, swimming and biking, and druming .
GoalsI hope to get a buisness started doing the thing that gives me most satisfaction, Hypnosis and Reiki Healing. I would like to finish my books and get them published. I also hope to pursue a certification as a health educator in living and raw food and teach the community on health issues and more productive living.
QuoteWhat the mind can conceive and the heart believes, you will achieve. (Anonymous)
Ideal MateI am looking for a mate who is between the ages of 32-42, slim, average or athletic build, 5'7-6'2. Tend to prefernce dark hair and light eyes, however, all men are created equal. Embraces and has a passion for living and raw foods such as I do. You are into exercing the brain as much as the body. You are honest, open-minded, a good communicator including the ability to talk about how you may feel about something and not shy to show your emotions (Is there men out there like this)?? You know how to treat a lady with respect and dignaty. You believe in friendship first, a philosophy of mine that has proven worthy. If there is something there, it will progress on its own. If not, then a beautiful friendship is born. You are evironmental friendly, and take care of the mind and spirit as well as the body. If you sing or play an instrument, that would be an added bonus ;-) Pictures are welcomed. It is fun to see who you are commincating with.
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