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Living-Foods: Personals: Tim

Id Number001662
Date PostedFeb 13, 2001
LocationPekin, Illinois, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
Occupationcurrently unemployed
DescriptionI am a white male, 40 yrs. of age, divorced 14 yrs.,never remarried, one son age 18 in tech. school, unemployed truckdriver in midlife crisis trying to start a new path of enlightenment. Openminded yet conservative, I am a loyal, devoted, nurturing Cancer who enjoys making others feel better than they possibly should. I am currently awaiting a trial date for a drug related offense(Feb. 26) but I am a much better person than that might sound. I am not connected with any specific religion(product of Catholic/Presbyterian heritage babtised in a Luthern Church raised in a Mormon community), but feel as though I am still in search of spiritual enlightenment of some kind. It seems to be a lifelong journey. I have various skills in many areas, am sorely lacking in many areas and I realize how little I actually know. Humans are such magnificent yet pathetic creatures! I would like to venture more but now is the time I ussually say something really stupid. Should anyone care to learn more about me, please respond and I will do my best to get back to you since I am at the library. I have some equity in my home, a '97 Jeep Wrangler a beater pickup, a cat named Sam, a wonderful family(i'm from Idaho) and my son has only known Pekin, Il. His mother and all of her family reside here as well and I have a good relationship with Kitty and all of her family; in fact they have been my family away from my real family. I have no real close friends but only aquaintences and I seem to be somewhat of a hermit as my sign would suggest. I do dishes and windows too. A diamond in the rough, I am awaiting the final stages of finishing and polishing to bring out the scintillation of my soul! Follow your heart and should it lead in my direction then maybe we can unite and become as one. I don't know if I can eat raw or not, but I am interested and willing to give it a try. Later!
Hobbiescurrently i have no money for hobbies but would enjoy all types of outdoor activities including walking, hiking, camping, skiing, aquatic sports, rockclimbing, etc... also cards, music, misc. games of all kinds. I also enjoy whatever others enjoy as well and I seem to be a packrat.
GoalsI am currently not happy in Illinois and would prefer to move to another location. I would like to have some motivation to make future goals. I would like a lifemate/soulmate and to live long and prosper. Enlighten me please!@#$%^&*()_+|
Quote"The only thing that remains the same,... is that everything changes."
Ideal MateIf I knew anything about my ideal mate she would be here with me now.
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