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Living-Foods: Personals: Treesong

Id Number001648
Date PostedFeb 3, 2001
LocationCarbondale, IL, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 2in.
HairDark Brown
OccupationPhilosopher, Poet, Revolutionary
DescriptionI don't like trying to sum myself up in a few sentences, but I shall do my best. I am a philosopher, poet, and revolutionary. Why do I call myself these things? I'm a philosopher because I love to seek understanding of the world through thought, discussion, action, and spirituality. I'm a poet because I find the world beautiful and want to communicate this blissful vision with the same passion and poetry that I see in it. I'm a revolutionary because I care about the world and am deeply devoted to helping make radical changes that will help us all (including the Earth) live happier, fuller lives.
HobbiesI like reading, writing, listening, talking, going for walks or hikes, spending times outdoors, hanging out with friends, spending quiet time (or intimate talking time) with a loved one, riding my trike (yes, I have a trike), cuddling, relaxing, playing, and... eating raw foods! :)
GoalsMy future goals are to help society and the world heal, to find (or create) a close-knit community of friends to live and work with, to do more writing and self-publish many of my works, to learn all that I can learn, teach all that I can teach, and find someone to share the joys of this life and this world that I am only just now beginning to appreciate.
QuoteDon't let my calm, easygoing nature fool you into thinking that I'm naive. I am intimately familiar with hatred, bitterness, jealously, cowardice, apathy, and despair. That's why I've chosen love! I'm just as familiar with love, and it's a lot more fun for everyone.
Ideal MateMy "ideal" mate will be able to describe herself quite nicely, thank you! I do have a few thoughts though... she will share my empathy for others and my passion for understanding the world and helping others, whether through activism, learning, teaching, sharing, communicating, or good old fashioned healing.
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