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Living-Foods: Personals: Jai

Id Number001621
Date PostedJan 18, 2001
LocationAlbany, Oregon, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
HairBright ripe cherry, with some coconut creme topping here and there
EyesJust as refreshing blue and as radiant as any given summer day
OccupationEarth Daddy....(I enjoy a sustaining income)
DescriptionI am subject to my spirtual Father and Mother and attend to this life accordingly. Being a conscientious member of the living-raw family causes me to take more than just a casual interest in all things living. I promote longevity and actively pursue the regenerative lifestyle. I am very playful. Certainly I love life and live life lovingly. I am at peace in it all and conduct my affairs graciously with consideration to all my fellows, be they animal, vegetable or mineral. I am desirious of returning to the fullness of commune in the garden.
HobbiesI build hand drums for circle, ceremony, dance etc. Collecting and cutting fine stones has been a considerable interest of mine for many years. Health studies are a passion of mine. Creative food preparation is more than just a casual interest. Gardening is more like a lifestyle than a hobbie. I make it more like a full time hobbie.
GoalsI shall maintain,in sincere desirious attitude, thanksgiving for the priviledge of helping to tend to the garden of life.
Quote"Embrace the full circle of livingly life lovingly and thus lovingly living life." (In this way the circle will indeed remain unbroken)
Ideal MateI seek that unique, yes, unique gracious someone whom also would desire to return to the fullness of living in the garden. Some one who indeed loves self and will share all that goodness with all in commune of being. I seek that someone that has her own special something to offer to bring with her into the relationship that something that will enhance the very being of the unity that would already communally exist as we are in couple. That person who will celebrate with me the fact of her being woman and my being man and we two together, being.
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