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Living-Foods: Personals: Robin Martin

Id Number001595
Date PostedDec 21, 2000
NameRobin Martin
LocationSanta Cruz, California, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
DescriptionWell, I like to think of myself as constantly changing. I love being in the unadulturated outdoors, there my experience is so full it makes this computer screen seem dead. I love traveling, deffinately my prefered educational medium. After being brainwashed all my life, the process of awakening is intriguing and liberating.I left highschool because I realized it would not get me anywhere besides unhappiness and some cubicle in silicon valley; not what I want.Through peer pressure and societal disapproval I thought I had to prove myself, so I started attending community college with a rigorous academic load. But alas, I fell from one trap into another. Now, I'm rediscovering my passions and learning how to cultivate them; much more important than math and Engligh, in my opinion. So thats how I describe myself right now. Oh, and I'm 100@raw food eater. My diet is not at my ideal, but I'm confident that it will be, I'm still struggling with cooked-food addiction.
HobbiesI love rockclimbing, mountain biking, backpacking, sourounding myself with positive people... reading, spirituality (that label never seems to cut it for me)...dancing, of course Raw Foods!! I'm not sure what else I can say...
GoalsLive my life. Deepen into Presence.
Quote"Right and wrong are philisophical polarities in a human value system which have nothing to do with Ultimate Reality" CWG, God
Ideal MateIdeal mate? Someone who can lift me higher. I'm looking for someone who I can have wonderful dialogues about Life. If something intimate developes, it does, but for now I want to have stimulating conversations, maybe friendships, but at least something which we can both benefit, in whatever form it takes.
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