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Living-Foods: Personals: Will Eberle

Id Number001524
Date PostedNov 3, 2000
NameWill Eberle
Locationnot set (primarily Eugene, OR and Seattle, WA), not set; generally in the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, Washington California), primarily the United States, I hope to be in Mexico, Central and South America soon (Australia and Africa in the not too distant future as well)
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
Hairbrown - working on dreadlocks but serriously contemplating cutting them
Occupationwannabe-world-traveler/wildland firefighter/musician/writer/naturalist/carpenter/landscaper/student/grunt/seeker
DescriptionI am a gentle but powerful person who feels uncomfortable withing and sadened by most of the roles and interactions available in mainstream society. I feel best when playing or listening to passionate music or spending time in untainted natural areas of beauty and spiritual magnitude. I love massaging and holding my partners, I feel that the absolute, trust, satisfaction and peace found sharing an embrace with someone you love is one of the most rewarding experiences available on this beautiful amazing, mysterious world. I am new to raw foodism and still detoxing and dealing with withdrawl symptoms from cooked/artificial foods. I am eager to share life with those who share a passion to embrace this beautiful way of life. I am primarily looking for someone to adventure/travle/play with but if someone living in a beautiful engaging community felt like the right person to share my life with I would be open to stationary options as well. Most recently my relationships have ended with a mutual understanding that my partner and I had to go (with much bittersweetness) diferent directions to stay on the paths we respectively felt compelled to follow. I have undergone a lot of personal and worldly searching and feel good about who I am as a person and what I offer to this world. I am ready for a commited, loving relationship based on mutual nurturing, respect, growth, discovery and wonder.
Hobbieswalking barefoot in the snow, skiny-dipping under waterfalls, playing music, reading powerful works, writing, rock-climbing, swiming, boating, hiking, biking, survival trips, primitive skills, hearing/playing live music, being real with people.
GoalsHelp raise a natural family in a beautiful place, write works useful to positive global change, share inspired music, maintain an organic garden capable of sustaining my raw family, learn enough about wild plants to completely sustain myself off wild plantfoods and teach others to do the same, experience as much of the world as I can, be self-sufficient, sleep well and feel at the peak of available health, light up looking at my kids and partner, help make water safe to drink and air safe to breath and love safe to share, feel at home in the place I live, fell genuinely happy and satisfied with my llife, feel a needed part of a conscientious community, become fluent in several languages besides English, help restore and preserve threatened cultures and species and feel that I have helped make the world a better place and I have done what I could and I didn't skimp on the love and respect I showed the Universe.
Quote"Be true to yourself, or your self is not your own."
Ideal MateI am seeking someone with an adventurous nature and a high leval of integrity. Someone who is actively working on their abilities to aid our troubled but magnificently beautiful world in all areas they can while reserving enough energy for their own health and growth to feel ballanced. My Ideal Mate would feel free and at home in and humbled by and grateful towards the places in our world which are still struggling to maintain their natural form. My ideal mate would value honesty and trust and focus on areas of genuine substance within her relationships. She would freely share her love and readily recieve the abundance of love I have to offer. She would not dwell in jealousy or fear or complacency. She would not cling to racist or homophobic close-minded views. She would structure her life around the things she cared about with the most vehemence and refuse to accept the roles assigned her or the values fed her by "acceptable" society. She would be willing to sacrifice luxery to help people in need. She would be devoted to the areas of education she felt essential to achieve goals she really wanted to and improve aspects of herself she really cared about. She would not allow herself to carry unnecessecary stress or worry about things that don't really matter. She would be playful and happy and tender but passionate. I have no iron-clad criterion for age and appearance, ultimately if we were mutually attracted and enjoyed the life resulting in our being together, and felt we could be together and still do what we needed to for ourselves and our beliefs, it would be an ideal situation.
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