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Living-Foods: Personals: Lexi Scott

Id Number001464
Date PostedOct 1, 2000
NameLexi Scott
LocationLancaster, New Hampshire, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 4in.
Hairlight brown with blond and red tints
Occupationartist, sales ass., typesetter
DescriptionI'm approaching 30 and actually manifesting the reality I want! I've been in a serious personal overhaul the past four years and I'm coming out on the otherside happier than ever. I've lived in a small town for the past three years and haven't met anyone like me. We have no TV and it just get more nonconformist from there. I am an Aries and can act like it when I am hot and cold, stubborn and permissive. I'm a handful. My daughter is two handfuls! I'm bad at keeping in touch, but I'll meet friends on the astral plane while I'm sleeping and felt we really did visit! My mother is crazy and I'm trying not to be.
Hobbiespainting, singing, playing harmonica, educating my daughter,self-hypnosis,recording music on a home studio, researching things, reading self-help books, educating myself, walking, yoga, meditation, toning, dancing, playing, creating all sorts of things
GoalsTo be a singer, to live in a yurt in the woods, to live by the sea, to have my own garden, to live closer to my family in Washington State, to meditate 30 minutes in the evening and morning, to dry brush before I shower, to stretch before breakfast, to smile, to be kind, to slip into timeless awareness and create my art, to raise a happy, healthy daughter, to breathe deeply, to make a living off my art, to find my purpose in life, to learn to forgive, to love unconditionaly, to astral project, to write books, to finish my degree, to eat all raw foods, to be nonjudjmental, to be warm, to be sympathetic, to get all my family eating raw foods,to be innocent, to go into the flow effortlessly, to be celebrate the pagan holidays, to see auras more often, and on and on,etc.
QuoteIt takes more than time to make a clock. You create your own reality. CREATE! You can heal yourself. All you need is inside you.
Ideal MateI'm married to my equal, my nemisis, my tormentor, my passionate lover, the papa to my little Sage.
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