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Living-Foods: Personals: KristyLii

Id Number001447
Date PostedSep 23, 2000
LocationmELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
Hairlong, dark, straight
Eyesmy pupils are always very dilated, but in the Sun, green, blue, grey, hazel, it varies
DescriptionDescribe myself?....I'm entusiastic about EVERYthing, life in general, i get VERY excited about ideas and thoughts, i love seeing things through other peoples eyes, getting different perceptions, i dont get down about adversity because i know it all has its purpose. I just like people who are honest and who love to learn ahd exchange ideas. I dont know ANYone who agrees with my idea of eating...i need some support in that aspect.
Hobbiesastronomy, reading, writing, research, walks, parties.
GoalsTo LIVE. To feel and see and touch everything. To touch the fifth dimension.
QuoteLet me fill this in later, there are just FAR too many! I just think, like is experience. Experience it.
Ideal Mate'mate'? Well i never really thought about it. Someone i get along with pure and simple. Someone who makes me laugh, i laugh a LOT, and im a sucker for funny people, but i am also a sucker for quiet people, always have to know whats behind that exterior :) Someone who THINKS, and someone who isnt selfish. Someone who wont take advantage of the fact that im NOT selfish....a lot of people tend to. Someone who will put up with my tangled frenzies when i get a new idea, or theory and i go all bright eyed and frantic writing it all down and constructing charts and 'data'. HaHa, i love it.
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