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Living-Foods: Personals: Chip

Id Number001417
Date PostedSep 13, 2000
LocationSpringfield, MO, United States
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
DescriptionI am a laid back, easy goin' kinda guy that likes to play & have fun. A true "child at heart". I am also; compassionate, gentle, open-minded, honest, and fairly intelligent. I've been told that I am sweet and good looking.(more than must be true:) I'm not into organized religion, or metaphysics, though I do consider myself "spiritual" in relation to nature and feeling "connected". I've been vegan for 8 years (plus 4 veg). Initially for health reasons and the environment, but as my eyes and heart were opened to the needless cruelty and suffering of animals, they became my main motivation. I strive to live a cruelty-free, (and enviro-conscious) lifestyle, and am an activist for veg/veganism. I've also been involved in work to protect animals through legislation (which passed!). I also co-founded a Vegetarian club, which I am the President. I don't smoke, drink, or use mind/mood altering substances (including caffeine). I prefer natural highs that come from being in nature, human interaction, activities, and experiences. One of those comes from music and dancing. Music means a lot to me. I love it! I like a fairly wide variety; Blues, Zydeco, Swing, "New Age", Funk, Andean Music, Instrumental Surf-rock, jam bands. I have a "Rock & Roll soul" and am mostly into "classic" rock, but I find music I like from most genres. I don't find very much I like from country, rap or hip-hop, punk/hardcore, or dance mix, though. I love kids, and have worked for the last 4 years entertaining, teaching, and playing with them, with juggling, stix, top and bubble tricks, and various other toys/games. I'm selling "juggling" stix at festivals now.
HobbiesBike/motorcycle riding, waterskiing, swimming, camping, hiking, canoeing, kiteflying, playing frisbee, hackeysack, juggling, boomerangs, diablo, skill toys, reading, traveling, going to festivals, rennaisance fairs, museums.
Goals My primary goals are; to stop the destruction of the environment, protect animals, and educate people on ways to live lightly on the land. I do have plans for accomplishing this, as well as some other things. I started a non-profit to create a "Center For Sustainable Living" in the form of a large village, or town. It will be a place where all of the sustainable living practices are brought together; renewable energy, permaculture, organic farming, plant based diet, "green" building, conservation, recycling etc. It will be a center for education, development, and demonstration, as well as a place for people to live, work and play. I have brochures and a listing in the Communities Directory if you're interested in reading them. My other goal is to live a rich, full life, and enjoy,experience, learn & see all the great things there are in life. And have lotsa FUN!
Quote"I cast my hat out into the Universe, let it fly to meet the stars, and give welcome to all who are on their way here, whose daring love of adventure will prove that tomorrow is no longer a dream" Baron Munchausen
Ideal MateWarm, friendly, compassionate, kind, considerate understanding, open, honest, affectionate, fun-loving, adventurous, active, playful emotionally open, mature, communicative, down to earth, easy going, with a sense of humor, likes a wide variety of music, likes to travel and get out and go/do/see. loves life, laughter, animals, nature, outdoor activities and herself, and is in 20's or 30's, slim or medium build,non-smoker, non/seldom drinker, drug free, Vegan or Veganish, not religious, or into spiritualism. Any race.
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