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Living-Foods: Personals: Harold Altman

Id Number001406
Date PostedSep 8, 2000
NameHarold Altman
LocationNew York, New York, United States
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
DescriptionAt This point in life. I have arrived at the realization the the only true joy and happiness can be found in a country environment, close to nature, wildlife and to God. Away from the materialistic, idustrialized and polluted society.I wouild like to share this type of life with someone that I can adore and spend the rest of my days with.I recently read an article about a couple who settled in Orcas Island, which is part of the San Juan Islands of the state of Washington. My heart literally melted when they described the majestic beauty of the mountains, the sight of a bald eagle soaring in the sky and the sight of whales, dolphins and seals nearby. what is surprising, is that the temperatures is very close to that of California. During the winters flowers and grass is still on the ground instead of snow or ice. I respect all of God,s creation and have a profound love in my heart for all living things. I wouuld love to take a walk with my beloved by the moonlight and listen to the enchanting sounds of the ocean breaking against the shoreline. Looking up at the stars on clear night and holding my sweetheart in my arms, to me,is my idea of a truly romantic chapter in my life. I need someone who has strong maternal instincts, and has a desire to have children and raise them in an environment that is conducive to instilling ethical and moral concepts, to love all of mankind,
Hobbieslisten to good music,from jazz to clasical, I enjoy watching movies that are known as classics, examples are, The Champion with Kirk Douglas, Grease with John Travo;ta,The Ten Commandents, I read books on health and nutrition, listen to health programs, examples are Gary Null on WBAI FM,Dr Alan Pressman and Jerry Hickey, Dr. Robert Atkins on WEVD AM etc. I volunteer and distribute information about becoming a vegetarian to my unknowledgeable brethren.
GoalsTo fall in love with someone, raise a family, and spend the rest of my life with them.
Quote"The life of a lamb is no less precious than the life of a human being."
Ideal MateSomeone whi is getle, loving, romantic with a strong sense of humor. Who believes that any problem in life can be resolved by compromise. Who is tired of being exposed to all the noise and pollution of the city, and would like to retire to a country environment with her beloved. Perhaps, to plant fruit and nut trees and have a few animals on the property, such as goats, sheep etc. Someone who loves the beauty of the ocean, and would like to go boating.
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