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Living-Foods: Personals: Tony

Id Number001305
Date PostedJun 26, 2000
LocationSalt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, Earth (for now)
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 1in.
OccupationLifestyle & Nutritional Counselor / Motivational Speaker
DescriptionPOSTED JUNE 25, 2000 I have a great passion for life. I have a positive mindset and look forward to each day. I am healthy, very slim yet athletic with lots of energy. I have recently increased my raw/living food intake to almost 100% of my diet from about 70%. I love it. I am not judgmental about what others do for/to themselves as long as they don't choose to continue a habit or action that they know is detrimental to their health and happiness and then complain about the outcome. I enjoy humour and laughter comes easily to me. I have a chronic condition best described as "smilitis". I am told that it is very contagious for people with the correct predisposition. I am drawn to this type of person. I am intelligent enough to know that I know very little and arrogant enough to believe that I have enough humility to be more while being less. If you're still with me at this point then I really want to hear from you. What sort of person would wade through my self-deluded ramblings? Whoever you are, I wish for you showers of warm blessings and the appreciative purrs of cats everywhere.
HobbiesStill reading? Wow. Social Terrorism of beneficial nature - in other words making people move out of their comfort zone in such a way that they end up smiling. I enjoy outdoor activities from hiking and swimming to sleeping under willow trees beside streams and brooks. I read to feed my head and heart, and my sense of wonder. Movies, live music in smoke free environments, suprising myself, collecting laughter (my own and other peoples), cuddling puppies and kittens and various other creations of devine nature, rebounding ( not from relationships ), exploring the gustatory and olafactory universe along with any others that come into my realm of perception, being too wordy for my own good.
GoalsFind more mud puddles, invite more friends. p.s. That would be organic mud.
QuoteI figure the best way to approach life is like a three year old who discovers a perfect mud puddle...jump in with both feet, stomp around,laugh and yell, invite your friends, and accept that it's going to be messy.
Ideal MateI'll know when they tell me. I suspect they will be in love with life and the unlimited possibilities therein. They will love themself, and appreciate that life is a wonderous gift not to be wasted, and best shared with others who feel the same way. This individual will feel poetry in the gurgling of a brook, taste music in a fresh, symphonic mango, caress the sky and earth with their eyes, and dance in their heart with the spirits of all living things. On top of that, they will enjoy a good tickle fight and have an addiction to cuddles and hugs. ....Of course, I could be wrong. "You may not get what you want, but sometimes you just might get what you need."
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