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Living-Foods: Personals: Barton

Id Number001249
Date PostedMay 22, 2000
LocationSebastopol, CA, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 10in.
DescriptionYo soy un Zapatista, porque todos somos Marcos. Vivan Los Zapatistas. Yeah, Im all about the Zapatistas, EPR and other Mexican Radical groups. Im going to Chiapas for a month. Me? Im really into new things that are extreme. Veganism was not enough, I need to keep pushing forward. Anything to make me the most self righteos and radical of all the hard core kids!! RAW is WAR, WAR for LIFE!!
HobbiesSo yeah, Ive been into hardcore/sXe/veganism and animal rights for a while. Im always about smashing capitalism!!! I love preparing food and sharing what I make with friends. I met some kids who farm, they have been showing me how, well, I will make that a bigger priority. I cant spell, but I love to write. LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST (yeah, Im an anarchist at this point)
Goals100% RAW, be a leading authority on the raw foods diet, be like Juliano (but not so weird). Take down the oppressive and competitive system called CAPITALISM. Eat every kind of fruit. Be healthy. STAY SOBER. SOBER RESPONSE VEGAN DEATH SQUAD for life!!
Quote"Raw spelled backwards is War" Natures First Law thats so god dammn cool. Yeah, I have no pity for those who refuse the raw foods diet after knowing of it. Anyway, they will all die off come the RAW REVOLUTION, that or the vegan jihad, either way, animals will have their day!!
Ideal MateYeah, at this point I just want to meet cool kids my age who are raw. Me and two other kids are going to move to Boston, we will have a raw household. Oh, Im not heterosexist and Im way down with queer kids, but Im not gay. Most people are sure I am, and I think I hurt this boys feelings in my art class. he was nice. Personals are kinda silly. Im on the computer at midnight seeking a "mate"... Really, this is silly, thats why I like it, its rediculous that we cant just run around town meeting people. but then again, not everyone is RAW!
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