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Living-Foods: Personals: J. Dearborn

Id Number001231
Date PostedMay 7, 2000
NameJ. Dearborn
LocationOkemos, MI, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 2in.
Hairlight auburn
Eyesrich brown
Occupationcaregiver & consultant
DescriptionMy friends describe me as a lively blend of breasts, brains, and brawn. I live very privately yet very sociably and admit outright that I'm submitting this personal under a name other than the one on my driver's license. I love road trips and road Hogs (i.e. Harley-Davidson roadbikes). My outer beauty is sumptuous, and my inner beauty is majestic. Then again, my vanity is second only to my doubt. In caring for my soul I am earthy and devout. Faced with tending a parent with ALS, I presently laugh more than I cry--and with all my heart, whether glad, mad, sad, or scared. Play is serious fun. Above all, my favorite free things are thoughts and feelings. In short, I'm a six-ticket ride: it ain't worth the money if you don't crap your pants a little. I look forward to meeting you.
Hobbiescorresponding, reading, dancing, homemaking, lovemaking
Goalshome-grown produce, home-raised wool, kitchen herb garden, room for guests, lots of ginko trees, raising prepared children, spicy old age
QuoteInnocence is sacred. Wisdom is buoyant. Grace is free.
Ideal MateI prefer a mate who is part because I'd rather that Mother NOT die of a stroke. An adventurous attitude tempered by prudence is a must. Plump is okay, "not tall" is preferred, and muscular is dreamy. Back hair is no problem. Single or widowed wins out over divorced, and children win out over ex-wives. (But don't worry about it, come as you are!) Respect for spirituality is ABSOLUTELY non-negotiable. Loving to work and working to love help tremendously. Inter-independence and cooperation will take a mate far. Chatting for it own sake needs to be a priority, like sleeping and eating--enjoying it is a worthwhile bonus. Age is relative. Smoking is stupid. Alcohol is unnecessary. Growth is welcome. Flexibility is admirable. Questions are delightful. So ask me some, please :-) .
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