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Living-Foods: Personals: Jeff

Id Number001213
Date PostedApr 26, 2000
LocationWashington Terrace, Utah, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 0in.
Hairdark brown
OccupationComputer Technician
DescriptionI'm continually striving to better myself by eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as I can find. (especially organic and wild when possible)
HobbiesWindsurfing, Terrasailing, fruit and vegetable organic gardening, playing, eating wild food
GoalsTo grow my own organic fruits and vegetables year round by either owning several greenhouses in Utah or by moving from Utah to say Arizona, California or ? so I can easily have my favorite raw fruits and vegetables right from the plant ! Other goals are to have my own business and to be the best windsurfer I can be and to associate with other raw foodists who are sincere in their endeavors with integrity ! Also, I want to learn about and eat as many different wild plant foods as I can find. Currently I'm eating lots of "wild" dandelions out of my backyard (I don't spray chemical junk) and wild fields.
QuoteEven when you slip back into a cooked food addiction for one or two meals-always eat it with a large leafy green salad with dignity. Be patient with yourself. - Jeff Sellers (I just made that up and cooked food addiction is what I'm currently working on. )
Ideal MateA female of course that would be interested or is currently into windsurfing. And most importantly eating 60-100 % raw fruits and vegetables- please note I'm not really interested in a mate at this time - simply would like to have a penpal - thanks !
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