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Living-Foods: Personals: Jerry Knox

Id Number001167
Date PostedMar 28, 2000
NameJerry Knox
LocationLa Grande, Oregon, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Occupationchiropractic physician
Descriptiongentle, bright, leading writer in the living foods field (see, seeking lady who shares this dream, also, muslim, seeking lady wishing to co-create a living food family, serving God by living correctly and sharing that from birth with our children, and making the world a better place, by first constantly loving, learning and working together toward living better ourselves and sharing our love and knowledge with our family and then the world.
Hobbieswriting, hiking, camping, computers,
Goalsliving the life--- spreading the life--teaching and writing, and sending the word into the future and now. I write, I teach, lecture, practice health care, and live. I am as I am--- I am not particularily good at many things. I cannot balance a check book. I do little food preparation, cannot make a room feel or look like home, and need the touch of my lady to guide me in understanding feelings and compassion. I have many goals and plans. All are changable, and all must be co-created with her and planned with her. Alone accomplishing our goals seems impossible. Togethar falure is impossible. It is said that where two or more of you are gathered in my name, I am there with you also. Goals and life must be shared to be real, and there is no reality so important as sharing all your hopes, loves and faiths with your spouse. Togethar, we will be, alone we dream to be. I await you, my lady. Together we will work out the details.
QuoteMan and woman--- a pair, a union, there is no completion, no birth or life or ideas separate from two opposites coming togethar as one and co-creating between them new life. This is the purpose of all our dating, communication and sexual interaction. Physically it is doable. Mentallly it is more of a task to come togethar, but when a man and woman think alike, it transmits. Spiritually, it is the devine fire of creation, the becoming of one, from two. This is my dream, looking into the eyes of the lady of my dreams. Physically creating with her children. Mentally creating with her paradigms of living that will change the world, green, and healthful. Spiritually creating with her, a heaven here on earth, in which we work to make life better for others through our love.
Ideal Mateyoung, compassionate, fully comfortable in being a woman, and dedicated to living and sharing the living foods lifestyle with the man of her dreams. All else are details.
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