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Living-Foods: Personals: X kat is cool.X

Id Number001143
Date PostedMar 16, 2000
NameX kat is cool.X
Locationsanta cruz, ca, usa
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
Hairdyed black.
Occupationstudent. nerd. heading vegan action chapter
Descriptionbeen vegan for almost two years, straight edge/sXe for a few more,i go to school at a university, spend lotsa money on stuff i dont REALLY need; on traveling (to fests when i can!),cds, shows, anything music oriented, eating good vegan food! i just recently tried going raw vegan, but its oh so hard to resist yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies!
Hobbiesfilming and rockin out to good shows!i looooove music-emo,hardcore,screamo,power violence, indie rock, pop punk..yeah!!!
Goalshave fun. have fun. and umm..have fun.
Quote"there is no destination but with a good goal in mind we can all be realistic and demand the impossible"~REFUSED
Ideal Mateumm...vegan emo/hardcore/indie boys are cuuuuuuute..i prefer he be sxe or drug-free, or at least mnaybe drinks occasionally and doesn't smoke(all the cute hc boys who went emo sold out so i hafta be a little more open minded now..haha)...i have a weakness for taller and skinnier boys, but a lil vegan chub can be cute...he hasta be fun and enjoys ging to shows, rockin out to similar music, be humorous, and inteligent!
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