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Living-Foods: Personals: Arun

Id Number001101
Date PostedFeb 27, 2000
LocationCupertino, San Jose, Bay Area, CA, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
OccupationComputer Scientist
DescriptionI love listening to music (Western and Indian classical, international folk, jazz/blues, classic rock). I love to dance (folk and ballroom dancing). I like watching movies and love to read though I don't make as much time for reading as I would like. I like to cook for myself and for special friends, I keep a vegetarian diet. I like talking with people one on one and I like connecting with people. People say that I am a good friend, they feel that they can share things with me and trust me. I am originally from India. I came to the US many years ago as an adult for graduate studies, fell in love with the San Francisco Bay Area and my friends here and decided to call it my home. I have never been married. I do not have any children and my lifestyle choices do not include having children. I am very spiritual in my make up. I believe that there are many paths up the mountain but they all lead to the same peak. I practice my spirituality in meditation and some devotional hymns.
GoalsBe part of a strong, loving relationship in the years to come! Lead a healthy life grounded in spirituality and in harmony with nature and people.
QuoteOne of my favorite ones: You've got to dance like nobody's watching, and love like it's never going to hurt.
Ideal MateI am looking for a woman with whom I can share my life and all the highs and lows of life and who can share her life with me. The woman that I am seeking will also be a true friend and companion. I find it attractive when a woman is kind-hearted, secure and emotionally available. I would like to start as friends and see where it goes.
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