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Living-Foods: Personals: Shanti

Id Number001097
Date PostedFeb 24, 2000
LocationAdelaide, SA, Australia
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 6in.
Hairlong natural light brown
Eyesdeep blue
OccupationArtist of Life/spiritual seeker
DescriptionI am a gentle soul who is in love with life. When I awaken in the morning it is the freshness of a new day. I meditate daily where I experience the inner connection of the life energy which is creation.... If one is to love life and themselves and to really know the beauty and wonderment of this world, I feel there is no greater gift except for sharing this knowing with other souls. I am flowing with life with where it is taking me and each day is a precious gift of the natural beauty it can behold May all souls be happy & free.......................
HobbiesTo eat natural fresh foods and to produce natural foods made with love & care. To walk in nature and spend time close to mother earth,to watch the clouds and the moon and to be in awe at the creation which is life. I love reading books on religion,philosophy,divine goddess,art and natural living. One of my greatest joys is to create artistic gifts for my friends to inspire them of the sacred beauty of life. To spend time in nature where life is full of natural beauty and freshness........ To Dance with the wind,the moon & the stars*
GoalsTo live naturally on the land in a sacredly rich enviroment, where we live in harmony with the earth and each other and all beings. To live a life which is beautiful and pure and really celebrates our journeys here and the true essences of being alive..............
QuoteLife is to be loved ,enjoyed and full of beauty, always search and know the real magick which is inside us all and share this with others
Ideal MateI do not know what my ideal mate is like because I have not met him . I am open to who crosses my path and when I connect with a soulmate and we know we want to just be together and share a beautiful spiritual naturally rich life together there will be no more questions to ask or say.....
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