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Living-Foods: Personals: Willaume M. Kelley IV

Id Number001065
Date PostedFeb 2, 2000
NameWillaume M. Kelley IV
LocationSacramento, California, U.S.A.
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 9in.
OccupationAdministrative Assistant (Government)
DescriptionBody Type: Athletic Weight: 170 lbs. Hair Color: Black Ethnicity: African American (”Black”) Religion: New Age/Spiritualist Employment: Full-Time Education: College Degree Marital Status: Divorced/Separated Has Children? Has children - not living at home Wants Children? Undecided/Open Smokes? Doesn't smoke Drinks? Drinks socially In addition, I enjoy cooking (especially for others) and will go completely out of my way to ensure that a special meal for that someone special is a well-remembered event. I am fond of trying new dishes, so do not be surprised if you walk into my kitchen and smell Thai one night and East Indian the next. Of course the dishes would be either made of raw/living foods. That's the challenge, finding dishes that are truly good for you and pleasing to the palate. My motto in my kitchen is ‘ I aim to please!’
HobbiesStaying active by working out including bicycle riding, weight lifting, jogging. Also enjoy writing short stories and poetry. Enjoy finding/creating new recipes using living/raw foods. Also enjoy watching foreign movies, live theatre, certain sports events, i.e. baseball, volleyball, tennis.
GoalsHaving my latest novel published. I've been told by many that it shows great promise.
Quote'Be the 100th Monkey'
Ideal MateI'd like to meet someone who knows and understands that honest communication, sincerity, open-mindness, and above all the ability to (truly) listen and learn from one another is vital in any type of relationship. I believe when you enter a relationship with these concepts in mind (honest communication, sincerity, open-mindness and the ability to listen and learn) the chances of your relationship proving to be successful is increased ten-fold. I have found that truly learning all about a person (that you are interested in or are romantically involved with) firsthand, makes the relationship, communication, and (yes, even) intimacy that much more special and unique. Sharing oneself completely (mind, body, and soul) with another is indeed one of the greatest 'highs' that a human being can experience. However, it is important to realize that the time must be spent learning firsthand, all about one another and understanding one another completely and fully. I credit the book, 'A Course In Love' by Joan Gattuso as the book that changed my entire understanding concerning relationships, as well as my life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with the age old problem of finding, establishing, and maintaining a loving relationship. Believe me, if the book made me do a complete 180 degree change, it's definitely well worth reading! Now, fully enlighten . . . I am seeking a SPF (single, professional female), who is well-balanced, well-meaning, honest, sincere, loving, kind, down-to-earth, preferably college-educated, semi-athletic (I would love to have a jogging/bicycling partner), open-minded, in touch with herself physically, as well as spiritually, health-conscious and who 'is not' into playing head-games, looking for a one-night stand, or desperately seeking (to madly rush) into a relationship. I have a variety of interests, e.g., writing short-stories, reading/writing poetry, bicycling, viewing foreign films, attending live theater plays/shows, concerts, plus many others. If you'd like to learn more about me, or e-mail/converse more in-depth, please drop me a line. I promise that I will respond promptly to all e-mails I receive.
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