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Living-Foods: Personals: Kevin Naylor

Id Number000973
Date PostedDec 19, 1999
NameKevin Naylor
LocationWashington, DC, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 2in.
HairDark Brown
OccupationBuilding Engineer/Wholistic Health
DescriptionWHO IS BABA-KUNDI SHAMBHALA? My name is Baba-Kundi Shambhala. I was given the name Kevin William Naylor at birth. I started going by the name Baba-Kundi Shambhala in 1993. The name was given to me in three meditation sessions. Baba means Father, Kundi means Rising Spiritual Energy, and Shambhala means The place where The Divine (GOD) dwells. I am committed to following The Path of Light. I am a Spiritual person, not religious. I believe that there is some truth in all religions and we are all one, There Is Only ONE Race and that is the Human Race. I also believe that we are here to assist each other to evolve, to return to The Divine. I am a 45-year-old man of mixed ethnic heritage (Native American, African, Australian, and European). I Love elders and children with a special passion. I am also a Lover of nature. But all of creation has its own special place in my heart. I believe all of this is accented by a wholistic lifestyle (Spiritual development first, vegetarian diet, and exercise). With all of that being in balance it equals a fulfilled happy life. What I am looking for in my mate follows.
HobbiesNature Walks, Listening To Music, Drives Through The Country
GoalsMy goal is to eat at least a 80% raw. Also in will open up a Wholistic Health Center.
QuoteEverything Is In Divine Order As I Follow My Souls Melody! Create A Beautiful Day!
Ideal Mate SOUL PARTNER, FRIEND, LOVER AND SPIRITUAL MATE My Soul Partner, Friend, Lover and Spiritual Mate possess the following qualities. She is a very Spiritual woman given first and foremost to The DIVINE (Mother-Father GOD) who dwells within her. She is open to All Spiritual Revelation given to her by The DIVINE. She is also Spiritually balanced, continually searching for additional Spiritual maturity and growth. She is a positive energy giver and sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. She is an open-minded traveler on The PATH of LIGHT. She is balanced in the areas of giving and receiving. She has a very good sense of humor and a very high Self-Esteem. She is a self-motivator, humble but firm and stable. She is whole within herself. She appreciates and Loves music, she's compassionate, Loving, communicates well with all people especially children and seniors. She Loves Earth Mother and the animal kingdom. This Precious Lady acts, speaks, and carries herself like the lady that she is, with no need to use vulgar language of any kind at any time. She is a very well groomed lady with exceptional hygiene. She has a shapely build to match height. She is a woman of very high character and very high ideals. She enjoys making Love to only her man; she's a one-man woman. We are Spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and intimately compatible one with each other. She is in very good health and very well educated in the areas of Spirituality and wholistic health. She is also a vegetarian, a good cook and housekeeper. She is also good in the area of business. She also enjoys reading, is a plant Lover and has an artistic nature. She is totally faithful, a one man woman and always stands beside her man, not behind him or in front of him, We Are One. She ALWAYS PUTS GOD'S WILL FIRST IN HER LIFE. This Precious Lady is my Soul Partner, Friend, Lover, and Spiritual Mate. She is the QUEEN in my Life! And I will treat her as such! WE WILL SERVE GOD FIRST AND EACH OTHER SECOND. WE ARE ONE! * My Soul Partner, Friend, Lover and Spiritual Mate may not totally possess all of these qualities when we first meet, but she will at least be on the path of acquiring/mastering each of them. And I myself as well!
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