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Living-Foods: Personals: Jaison

Id Number000937
Date PostedNov 27, 1999
LocationNorthern NJ (30 minutes from NYC), NJ, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 4in.
OccupationFormer Investment Banker/Entrepreneur in training
DescriptionMy life is about higher and higher levels of achievement and mastery. I feel blessed and guided by the universe in everything I do. As I have become more and more healthy and raw, my energy, power and ability to focus have gone through the roof. I have also become incredibly sensitive to the forces and energies in my life. I intuitively know when a person or food or idea will have a positive impact on my life, or a negative one. Thus, I am searching for people with common goals and values so that we can create more abundance, joy and power together.
HobbiesCreating abundance and joy for myself and those around me. Loving. Being romantic. Being intimate and close. Having fun and being outrageous. Being the first on the dance floor. Dancing for hours at a time. Acting immature and weird. Laughing. Achieving optimal health. Discovering the natural laws of the universe. Lying on the beach and doing nothing while on vacation. Exercising. Traveling. Sailing. Swiming. Scuba Diving. Skiing. Hiking.
GoalsBecome an example of the limitless possibilities of life. Teach and mentor others. Become a world-renowned (raw) entrepreneur/rain-maker/philanthropist. Start and grow an incredibly successful business that revolutionizes an industry. Find the love of my life. Raise a large and loving family. Follow the omens of the universe and fulfill my personal legend. Write books that teach millions to find their path to a better life. Live pain-free beyond the age of 100. Master my mind and emotions. Surround myself with loving and like-minded people.
Quote"If you don't know what you want, someone else is going to be clear about what they want you for."
Ideal MateThe most kind person I have ever met. An optimist with an incredible ability to see the beauty in life. Someone with similar goals, dreams and visions. Someone who supports my 70-90 hour (7-day) work week. Intelligent. Goal-oriented. A morning person. Because I am so incredibly short on time, she would probably need to have a rich and full life outside of the relationship. Loves/needs to touch and be touched (physically intimate). Comfortable with her body. Healthy. After 40 years of marriage I want to be able to say that my wife is my girlfriend and my best friend. Someone who can stand on her own and be independent. Great communicator. Open-minded. Happiest when the two of us spending time alone together.
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