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Living-Foods: Personals: Nam Simran

Id Number000848
Date PostedSep 11, 1999
NameNam Simran
LocationAlbuquerque, New Mexico, US
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
Occupationconstruction worker
DescriptionI was born a sikh ( a religion) and still live by many sikh practices - dont' cut any hair on the body, vegetarian, no drugs or alcohol. I'm not a big fan of religion but I do believe life style and health is important. I wear a turban and have a beard. I have always been vegetarian and am just starting to learn about living foods. I do eat cooked rice and beans daily as of now. I like to enjoy life but consider myself more mission oriented than experience oriented.
HobbiesI enjoy dancing (mostly techno/house), biking, the outdoors, community service, time with friends, a movie here and there, basketball volleyball, anything athletic, sex, bonding and communication, tv if there is anything good on.
GoalsI am fairly young so I don't claim to have a totally solid grip on my goals in life but here is what i'm always thinking about. My goal in life is to serve people. I feel very fortunate as many of us are here in America. I believe there is a lot of suffering in the world - physical and mental and there is a lot that can be done to help. There are many people who need this help and would welcome it with open arms. What I have seen around me is mostly people who are interested in bigger houses and nicer cars. I have little desire for these things. I don't know what the best way for me to serve is yet. Currently I am leaning towards a construction related field. I want to one day soon be in 3rd world countries helping people in need of help. For this reason I currently work for a concrete company and am learning a lot about concrete. I am interested in maybe going to college and learning how to be an environmental engineer or a civil engineer. This way I could serve people better. I am not a big fan of most govts. and organized religion and I am not sure through what avenue I will participate in my goals in life. But this is secondary and I know I will find a good avenue with time.
QuoteLet humility be my spiked mace adn let the dust of the dust of all mens feet be my two edged dagger. These no evil doer can withstand. - Guru Arjun Dev Ji
Ideal MateVegetarian, non-smoking, person interested in participating or willing to put up with my work related to my goals - see below. Hopefully somebody who also has a desire to serve and help others.
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