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Living-Foods: Personals: Susan Molloy

Id Number000735
Date PostedJun 26, 1999
NameSusan Molloy
LocationCincinnati, Ohio, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
Hairlong brown
Occupationfamily machy business
DescriptionI was an aspiring trendy fashion designer and musician, an assistant jazz history teacher/key board player/composer/arranger at a local univer- sity until I began my vegan/live food lifestyle 2 years ago. I started volunteering at a local NO KILL animal shelter and found this more reward- ing and fulling. When my dog became ill with diabetes, I left to give him around the clock care I feed all 3 dogs a live diet of organic juiced veggies and raw meat and bones. bbbbbbb
HobbiesWalking 3 dogs. Practicing Contempory Piano. Analyzing pop/rock/rnb/gospel/funk and jazz piano.
GoalsI hope to some day operate a Live Food Animal Sancutary for animals while educating the public about the importance of feeding fresh, raw, whole foods and holistic care. Write music and design creulty free fashion in my free time.
Quote "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." GANDHI
Ideal MateHe's a n/s, n/d 96+ live food vegan who's interest ed in ESSENE TEACHINGS and cares as much as I do about the well being of animals.
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