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Living-Foods: Personals: Saitry

Id Number000609
Date PostedMar 18, 1999
LocationNew York, NY, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 2in.
DescriptionI try to be as honest as possible at all times to all people in all circumstances. I became a vegan for ethical reasons. I stayed a vegan for more reasons than I can count. I recently decided to eat atleast 70% raw foods in my diet for health and spiritual reasons. I love learning. It is my only addiction. I love new experiences,meeting new people, going to parties, learning new things, seing new places ect. I am also very aware of my immidiate and not so immidiate responsibilities, and I face all of my responsibilities even while I have fun.
HobbiesDancing all night at Trance parties. training in Hap Ki Do martial arts. Setting goals and plans to acheive them. Reading at my favorite bookstore. Listening to really good music. My favorite types of music are Goa Trance, House trance, New Age, Indiginous tribal. I also love to meditate.I love being in nature and volunteering with activist grassroots organizations.
GoalsTo srtart a non profit night and day club called "PLANET HEALING" which will promote good, fun vibrant, lively, spiritual Goa Trance and House music as well as spiritual music from different tribal cultures.PLANET HEALING also plans to promote Ahimsa (non-violence to animals or humans)and to enocurage the members of Planet Healing to volunteer with causes they feel strongly about to truly help heal the planet. planet Healing also wants to promote personal as well as planetary health, so instead of poisonous alcohol, we'll serve healthy raw, organic juices, and herbal drinks. PLANET HEALING WILL also be modeled and decorated to reflect the beauty of our planet earth's natural environment. pLus much much more.PLANET HEALING'S mission is to help raise the consciousness of the inhibitants of the planet to a higher resonance with that of the higher spiritual worlds we all hope to reach some day and time.
QuoteDo as you will, harm none.
Ideal MateHONEST in all of his or her dealings at all times wiht all people. Vegan or open to becoming one, and not just the sake of personal health or to please me. Someone who understands that it wrong to enslave or torture animals for our benefit. Someone who knows how to have lots of fun, and yet is very responsible.
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