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Living-Foods: Personals: Nathan

Id Number000571
Date PostedFeb 21, 1999
LocationOneonta, NY, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
DescriptionI would describe myself as creative, self-starter deep and philosophical, joyful, passionate, sensitive/intuitive, athletic but also high IQ and grounded...knowledgeable especially in the healing arts. Skilled in making visions become real. Recently envisioned and funded a natural cancer treatment center in Arizona, and am working on another project - spa/retreat/community center upstate NY.
Hobbiescompetitive running, drawing/painting, organic gardening, building and interior design
GoalsI know.... it sounds real wacky... but I hope and plan to live...and have FUN in between... to the age of 200 years old and run and win the NY marathon!..... If I fall short a year, or come in second, you won't jab me?.... But more seriously, at the deepst core, I am a life-time activist...intent on creating for my self a life that is whole, in every possible way...and in the process of overflowing, helping others around me, including the collective ... that is the inside world of the collective, its consciousness, its spirit, its soul... what forms the most important part.. For what dominates this inner sanctum of modern times.... ideas, beliefs and visions - dangerously harm nature and ourselves. My guture goal is a better world for all of us. Only by personal example, however, can I contribute in this way. Sorry, I'm not the usual jock, redneck... nor do I long for those million, to get to heaven... with my boots and bank account, or to own a porsche.
QuoteThere is a "wholeness principle" in nature that ties together all of life - not the mathematical philosophy of chemistry and physics. In loosing a grip in understanding, our modern world is radically threatening the biospheres of nature.
Ideal MateFunny and joyful to be with, well-rounded, poised, creative ...whether, for example, via art, music, dance, writing, or activism....also sensitive, playful, sexy and passionate...kind, warm, a true, real friend, a person of integrity, inner truthfulness, high awareness..l...I guess I want it all.
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