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Living-Foods: Personals: Amy Ignatowski

Id Number000555
Date PostedFeb 9, 1999
NameAmy Ignatowski
LocationAllendale, MI, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 4in.
Occupationstudent at GVSU
DescriptionI am always smiling, you very rarely will ever see me unhappy. I'm a very sociable friendly "bubbly" person. Unfortunately, I possess not the greatest amount of common sense, but I am book smart, surprisingly, considering the color of my hair. I'm always willing to drop everything for a friend in need, and, shocking as it may seem, I like my family. I love being center stage but am not unhappy to be out of the limelight. I am interested in buddhism and zen, though I was raised Catholic. Open mindedness is a high priority in my life, and I pride myself on accepting anyone and trying anything once.
HobbiesI absolutely adore snowboarding, but I also like to party, which I guess isn't the most "natural" thing to do, but I really enjoy it, and as far as I'm concerned, anything that makes me sublimely happy is worth doing. Right? I also love anything that gives me an adrenaline rush or any type of thrill.
GoalsI am majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. Since I get very agitated and miserable if I'm stuck in one place for too long, my career goal is to write for a travel magazine of some sort. That's really all I can see myself doing cause I'd die if I had to be stuck in a stuffy office with stuffy people. As far a marriage goes, someday I'm sure I'll marry, but until I find my soulmate, I'm having fun. Considering my longest relationship has been a whole month, I think marriage is definately in my VERY distant future.
QuoteI don't mean to sound unoriginal, but the only quote that describes me and my life is "Carpe Diem". I figure, in comparison to the earth and the universe, human lives are so short. Why not make the best of it. Another one maybe is "Don't worry, be happy" just cause I hate it when people spend so many precious minutes/hours/days/etc. stressing over things that really aren't that important, or maybe they are, but the most important thing that we can ever achieve is happiness.
Ideal MateWell, I'm quite partial to boys that play guitar, love coffee, party, or at least have fun. I like good dressers, a nice combination of mall clothes and thrift store treasures in HIGHLY desirable. Open mindedness is an absolute must. Intelligence too is a priority, not necessarily good grades, cause you can't have a decent conversation with someone with the brain of a pea. Snowboarder types are an added plus.
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