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Living-Foods: Personals: Harvey

Id Number000522
Date PostedJan 24, 1999
LocationNew York, New York, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 1in.
DescriptionI am young at heart yet have all the stages of life available to me. I am a responsible adult with a career in education and a business, yet I am the child, adolescent, wise old sage and infant all the same, I am an artist I am a passionate man, involved with the kids I teach and ready for a family of my own. I am a generous man, taking joy in the happiness of loved ones and people I care about. I am a loyal man who will stand by my principles and people in the darkest of hours. I am a poet and a romantic. I am strong and rugged and can chop wood for hours or build a house or fix most anything. I am a big man. Proportioned and fit. I am a man comfortable with my "female" gentle side. I am a feminist. I am not what is considered "a traditionally handsome man". But I am attractive. I have been told that I have "animal magnetism" and that I am very "manly and sexy". I find that very attractive women find me attractive even though I am not your typical "pretty boy". Some even find me attractive BECAUSE I am not your typical "pretty boy". It takes time to find these qualities in me and I have found that in our society, where "looks" dominate in the mating ritual, my picture alone tends to give the wrong impression. I am a "real" person, a challange to most, but to the few who have discovered what is important in life is invisible to the eye, I am a kindred spirit. I have great love and compassion in me, a deep well spring of energy and life ready for a home and a family. I am a simple man and see the essentials in life as love and compassion. All else has become relatively unimportant to me, the bills get paid and I advance my career and business, yet these things are no longer the essence of life, only the means.
QuoteRelationships based on "chemistry" end in toxic spills.
Ideal MateKindred spirit who has read and understood "Beauty and the Beast"
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