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Living-Foods: Personals: Marcus Whitmarsh

Id Number000510
Date PostedJan 20, 1999
NameMarcus Whitmarsh
LocationBristol, England, United Kingdom
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
OccupationI.T. Support Officer
DescriptionA little bit odd in places. Nevertheless well liked by everyone (I hope and think). Slightly dry and warped sense of humour. Relaxed, very slow to anger or to rise to badgering..
Hobbiesreading (occult, pschology.physics, ancient history, Toaism, astronomy) Lake District (Beautiful place in the North) Caving/Pot Hole diet and nutrition (obviously) Being in the middle of absolutely no where (i.e. dessert, mountains, I'm not talking about my mind)
GoalsBe happy, healthy and wise. The question is what things will bring about the above?
Quote"No man is an Island provided someone is prepared to take the plunge and swim out to him." Marcus Whitmarsh 1992
Ideal MateIntelligent. reasonably sane but nevertheless a bit odd as it adds charcter to the personality. Someone who doesn't maintane a mental list of things they don't like or like in others. i.e. there is no greater bore than someone who says I don't like people who smoke, drink, lie and I don't like blah blah blah. If you you respect and make allowances for the short falls you percieve in others instead of boring the world with your inverted self addulation then you are a very nice, well balanced and probably happy person. I'd like my mate to be female. If that's not politically incorrect.
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