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Living-Foods: Personals: jeromi

Id Number000457
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
LocationPortland, Oregon, USA
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 1in.
Eyesblue/green grey
Descriptionask me ANYTHING... i will tell you the complete truth of my perception whether you like it or not. my energy naturally provokes people to challenge their reality. i cut through the crap, and it seems like i'm movin at warp speed, but it is actually a careful precision, a graceful movement, a perfectly synchronious poem.
Hobbiesi love any adventure or exploration. i love yoga and music and dancing. and i love love. most of my focus in on expanding my awareness and finding my freedom and life. poetry, but that is more of a way of life than a hobby. inventing was almost my occupation, but good marketing is more important than a good product in this world. i still have the passion to create new and more perfect things.
Goalsto feel more freedom, more love, more awareness. to be alive and powerful. to live 100% on fruit.
QuoteTo new realities of freedom and love! imagine feeling so safe and close to someone, because you have expressed every feeling, good and bad, and so have they, and you are both still there simply because you want to be, and you just know that the space will continue to be open to share everything that needs to express itself.
Ideal Matesweet sincerity... i intend to unite with someone with a powerful, open, positive perception of reality. with a longing that can balance and inspire mine. to guide each other to the experiences that will heal us. i now have all the powers i need to feel, to express, to embrace every fear, to intend myself a new life. my expectaions of who, how it will work, the definition of a relationship, are all open. it doesn't matter, i just know there will be a certain perfection. an easy flow. i am simply engaging action and allowing the process to unfold. here is my question(or the riddle to my love): what do you truly long for, and how do you really act when you meet the fear that stands between you and what you long for?
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