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Living-Foods: Personals: v.fruiteater

Id Number000389
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
LocationPaia/Barre, HI/MA, uas
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
Occupationfruit forager
DescriptionI like to have fun, I don't like wimpy people that don't like to have fun. I'm pro-life, vegan, fruitarian, drug free,quiet,and I like to make a mess when I eat and be covered in fruit juice when I'm done. I dont like shaving, make-up, baby killers, meat eaters, dairy and egg consumers, perverts, porno or people that are content to stay addicted to cooked food. I'm down with strong, loyal, independent, like minded individuals that like to eat fruit and be messy.
Hobbiessunbathing nude, eating watermelon with my hands, swimming, Wu-tang, reading comic books, not shaving, foraging for fruit, eating pineapples,naked on the beach, writing, running around in the rain, listening to Paris and KRS-ONE, Being fruitarian, not doing drugs, spreading the word...abortion is murder, meat is murder ect... ect... listening to metal, looking at pregnant women.
GoalsI make them up as I go.
Quote"There's no inbetween your either free or a slave." The cooked foodist plants the seeds of their own destruction every time s/he picks up a fork. For all the doubters: on my worst days I'm a thousand times better than you and on my best I'm unstoppable.
Ideal MatePro-life,vegan, fruitarian, drug free, doesn't shave legs or armpits, wear makup or act like a wimpy girl that never wants to do anything fun. I don't have any friends here in Maui so any communication would be nice.
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