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Living-Foods: Personals: Jonathan John

Id Number000331
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
NameJonathan John
LocationSwansea, Wales, Great Britain
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 8in.
HairNone because I shave it all off.
EyesI do have those and they're brown
OccupationI earn money from a variety of different occupations: Yoga, singing, teaching music, bereavement counselling, lecturing.
DescriptionI am gay,I am black,(both of these I carry rather lightly), I am physically fit and rather muscular. I am peaceful, friendly, tolerant, reliable and occasionally willfully unpredictable. I am communicative, and by turns seriously philosophical and ridiculously playful. I smile a lot , I am well spoken, can at times be pedantic , somewhat literally minded and on occasion very direct. I am privately sensual (though to date, only with a select few). Very spiritually minded with the accent on practicality and very commited to my life path. I am a hard worker oh I could go on and on, perhaps I should say that I am verbose as well! I started out as a fairly devout Roman Catholic but gave it up for lent some twenty or so years ago in order to grow and develop in other directions. I have all but left behind me the guilts, blamings and resentments that characterised that period and now find myself enjoying a freedom a peace and an ever expanding appreciation of all that my life has to offer me. I put this down to having always worked at some kind of self /spiritual awareness practice of one kind or another and this continues today. I like to think that there is one great spirit of life and that we all share it. Acceptance of what is as neccesary in the moment and non judgement are important aspects of my personal philosophy. I also believe in spirituality being an integral part of all life including the mundane and the less desireable.( I am a great fan of the channeled material of the late Jane Roberts: the Seth books) I am a meditator who is learning to immerse ever more deeply into that universally shared state that gives rise to everything. I find the practice pleasurable, productive, interesting and so very worthwhile. I am delighted to have discovered the details of other gay male raw fooders (albeit in the US). I did wonder whether I was the only one. Even now, it would appear that we are indeed a rare breed. This is one of the wonders of the world wide web.Those of you who live in sunnier climes than mine are fortunate indeed. I'm thinking particularly of those of you that are living in the sunshine state of California, what abundance. Were I the type, I'd envy you. Who knows, one day I may find myself visiting yet. My parents live in London at present but are planning to return home to Trinidad perhaps next year. I will be going with them to see them settled in and look forward to the produce there. ..
HobbiesI enjoy country walks, conversation, singing, dancing, tending to my indoor plants, meditating, laughing, crying(though I do far less of that) and travel. I've also just discovered the joy of typing.
GoalsTo relocate to a more rural area with a better view of the sea. To be "awake" for most of the time rather than "asleep" on automatic pilot. To drive an articulated trailer wagon. To go skinny dipping somewhere where the water is warm. To live well over the age of 100 years healthy and happy. To enhance my communication skills with plants. To improve my piano playing ability. To travel more.
QuoteWherever you are, I know you, Whoever you are I love you, Together we grow from way below, up into the sky above you.
Ideal MateI'm really not sure if I'm looking for an ideal mate as such. It would certainly be nice to talk with other guys with similar interests (and of course not just guys).If I were forced to list some traits that, I would readily appreciate in such a man they might include that he be an independent thinker, that he was communicative and emotionally demonstrative, humorous, practical, ticklish,appreciative of beauty, tolerant and reliable and that he was of course a raw fooder.
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