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Id Number000270
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
LocationSanta Barbara, CA, USA
I eat96%+ Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height6ft. 8in.
Occupationorg. produce worker
DescriptionI am gay, tall, skinny, firm-bodied (and minded), considered very handsome, youthful, energetic, peaceful, communicative, inspired. I've learned to give myself plenty of permission in my life. In this way, I've overcome much - lifelong mental/emotional dis-ease, childhood sexual abuse, challenges related to being gay in this culture, a natural tendency to be highly introspective (and thereby insecure). And, of course, it's a work in progress. I make it okay for me to honor my experience of reality, feel my feelings, speak my mind and so forth, believing (and experiencing) that this will allow me to become more of who and what I innately am. Not only do I love myself, I believe that I know myself. Perhaps they are co-evolving qualities. Currently I'm settled, working at an organic farm in the produce stand (we sell our stuff and other farms') and becoming involved in environmental activities here in Santa Barbara, to which I have very recently relocated. My intention for coming/being here is to create a safe, supportive and abundant environment for me to grow in, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, etc. Regarding spirituality, I take a functional perspective. That is, I do not believe that spirituality is something to be pursued. Rather, I experience Spirit in all things/thoughts/interactions. My "spirituality" is nothing more nor less than a practice of being mindful. I include in this the great importance of my relationship to Mother Earth and maintaining a sense of "perfect place" in the Universe (i.e. all that is). I do not subscribe to notions of "levels" of consciousness or "ways" of enlightenment. For me, this has only contributed to a materialistic, objective approach to Spirit in the past, as though shopping for something or working toward a particular goal to the exception of all else (i.e. the mundane experiences and responsibilities in life). Like most things, I see that Spirit already is. There is nothing to "get" or "create". Mindfulness allows me to create an ever-expanding awareness of things in my experience, and thereby greater appreciation and honor for all things. I have little interest in evangelizing my particular lifestyle and beliefs. To paraphrase Zephyr from his book "Instinctive Eating" I see that everyone is where they need to be. My experience is not suitable for everyone. When someone asks me about my eating habits (or whatever) I tell them, and otherwise I allow our discourse to evolve as it naturally would. When I get to know a person, regardless of their background, opinions (i.e. self-imposed limitations) or lifestlye, I am astounded by their complex beauty, their individual manner in approaching life and dealing with adversity, their humanity and so forth. They don't need me to tell them how to live or think. And, yes, I am often frustrated by a sense that I posess information which, if others chose to utilize it, would allow them to create a more healthy, peaceful and pleasureable experience for themselves. I've heard it said that common sense is really anything but. Sadly, I often see truth in this. In the past, in moments of deep anger and helplessness regarding the state of humanity and the natural world, I would find myself wishing for "the big plague" to come along and wipe most of us out in order to save the world from our conquest of her and ourselves. I think this was partly a reflection of my sense that the only way I might find true happiness in life would be in distancing myself from modern human culture - living as some sort of hermit. I now realize just how much I need people - all of them. My willingness meditation has strenthened, so that I am holding out for a more loving consciousness, or co-evolution, which involves every single one of us. While the future may not hold this, it really is my true desire, and as such I choose to support it as best I may. This is an amazing time in my life - I feel the promise of possibility and opportunity with a strength I have not since graduating high school (and then, I believe, it was more due to hopeful naivete). Oh, and to conclude, my eyes look green to me, and everybody else says they're blue!
HobbiesHiking, Reading, Writing (poetry, journaling, articles, correspondence), Bicycling, Conversation, Beach Bumming, Fringe Science, Yoga, Friends, Social & Environmental Activism, Gardening, Animal Husbandry, Travel
GoalsStudy: Permaculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Massage, Anthropology, World History, Spanish, Sciences. Work: Make gobs of money while improving the world for self and others. :) Personal: Fall in love constantly, with absolutely everybody.
QuoteIf I reach for the stars, I might never get one. And at least I won't end up with a handful of mud.
Ideal MateRight now I am seeking friends and aquaintances, people to share discourse with around making this raw foods experience more compatible to modern human culture. By this, I mean making it easier for me (and other raw folk) to be a part of humanity as it is, as well as creating and supporting avenues of educating others about the possibilities available them by eating entirely raw. Chemistry (sexual and so forth) is dominant for me in a sexual, loving relationship with a man, and I've not found this to translate well in pictures or words. I would like to meet raw-fooders in this area (Santa Barbara) and those who plan to visit, all genders and orientations. I long to share company with others who experience some of the expanded senses and sensibilities which I feel are common to the raw foods experience. And I'd appreciate the opportunity to correspond with folks from all over. I don't expect to meet anyone who might eventually become a lover or partner, and gladly honor that possibility!
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