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Living-Foods: Personals: jeffrey dalton

Id Number000231
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
Namejeffrey dalton
Locationsan francisco, ca., usa
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 5in.
Hairsandy blonde
Eyesblue green
Occupationyoga teacher
DescriptionPeaceful, straightforward, very passionate, searching for more enlightenment in any way possible, a yogi of many sacred paths, non-sectarian, have traveled the world a few times, have gone to India 7 times for spiritual journeys, currently managing bhakti-yoga studio for artists, musicians, and philosophers called RM. 108 at 12th and Folsom. S.F.,CA. I am a caring, considerate, conscious person who deeply cares about life on earth as a way of becoming liberated in divine love. Humour is a essential for relaxation and compatibility. I love nature in its pristine state as created by the Supreme Beautiful Artist. I want to communicate through e-mail and feel what happens. I love to write.
HobbiesVedic astrology, swimming in crystal clear lakes, streams or oceans, spiritual trance music , mystical dance, traveling to far away inspiring places, intellectual stimulation, exploring ancient spiritual traditions and cultures, helping others, teaching the yoga of divine love , intense nature adventures, massage therapy, transcendental theater, chanting sacred mantras, loving the soul, realizing the higher nature of existence, laughing at oneself, sharing the beauty of natural living in harmony with the earth, esoteric poetry, escaping from car world, making love with consciousness and sacredness, reading the wisdom of saints, connecting with the Supreme Being through prayer and visual meditation, seeing things on a deeper spiritual level, everything has a purpose for expanding our vision of reality, transcending karma , going Home to Vrindavan ( the ecstatic forest of divine love )
GoalsLive in complete harmony with nature and share the joy of spiritual music, art and philosophy.
QuoteWe are made for divne love forever in infinite beauty and bliss . Transcend Karma Now .
Ideal MateSpiritually beautiful and inspiring, internally and externally. Compassionate and motivated to do good in the world through positive action. Loves to enjoy the reality of life itself without the false ego of selfishness, anger, or hatred. May you be extremely openminded and willing to explore the realms of consciousness.
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