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Living-Foods: Personals: John Stankiewicz (yes, fluent English)

Id Number000211
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
NameJohn Stankiewicz (yes, fluent English)
LocationVal-des-Monts, QC, Canada
I eat50%-75% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
DescriptionDoh! Well, others say I'm handsome, ok, so what? What's important is what's on the inside, neh? I need a mate that's in tune with me....on the same path, wants to find out about who she is. Otherwise it's a waste...a distraction. Nice, but a distraction. You know? Don't worry, there's room for romance and fun. I am a fun guy, but I want more. And you do too!
HobbiesFinding out about the Universe, the mechanics of this place, who I am, and so on. Also I enjoy rollerblading, swimming, movies, and so on.
GoalsTo know again who I am. That's all. Along the way minor goals will be satisfied.
QuoteThere is no perfect mate. There will never be. Each is a reflection of the other. We just have to be willing to learn. And progress. We should also love all beings. And give energy to everyone and all. Yes, it's hard. But let's do it, ok?
Ideal MateShe's understanding, she knows where she's headed, she's got a sense of things, she's not just totaly into sex and "fun", she feels that there is a purpose to life, to growth together, she doesn't have to be beautiful, by our standards these days. She does not have to be thin. She should be healthy, relatively. She's not a total idealist. But she's willing to build a perfect body, even if it takes lifetimes (the temple, solomon's temple, etc.). She is "spiritual" or has these inclinations. She should know that she must help me in my progression and I in hers, otherwise why do it?
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