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Living-Foods: Personals: Noel Kaufmann

Id Number000180
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
NameNoel Kaufmann
LocationTakoma Park, MD, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 11in.
Occupationpiano tuner/technician
DescriptionI am low-key and easy-going, rather philosophical and very imaginative and witty. I find the pre- vailing culture pretty abominable vis-a-vis materialism, corporatism, and the general decline of art, insight, patience, health, and clear thinking and speaking. Yet I'm working at not being too cynical about it all. I am in very good shape, considered handsome (references available upon request), and learning a lot about simplicity and health. I have just started juicing, and have begun, as of June 12, a 5 week cleansing program c/o Dr. Richard Schulze in CA, an intense herbal regimen for all the digestive organs/system. This is intense!!
HobbiesPeople, travel, shopping, beaches, skiing, animals , dining out, staying in, estate sales, television. No seriously: I'd say, health, words, and music, not necessarily in that order, are my main inter- ests, or squeezes: I squeeze juice, squeeze occasional poetry out of experience, and squeeze an accordion too. I also play piano (ragtime) and hammered dulcimer, and love traditional/folk forms of music or dance. Also I practice a hodge-podge of yoga and qi gong. seriously: I love music of various kinds,
GoalsI aim to build my piano service business enough to have considerable free time to use the juicer I just got. Also I would like to do some travel- ing, with a significant other, to certain world and U.S. cites: Nepal, the Andes, the northern Rockies, the Northwest.
QuoteYou mean a quote from a famous person or a sample quote from me??! Mine: "Things are more like they are now than they've ever been" Thoreau: "It is the marriage of the soul with nature that gives birth to imagination, and makes the intellect fruitful."
Ideal MateYou are an artistic, intellectual, humorous vegan, charming, fit, beautiful, centered and confident in what you love of life. You have a strong under- current of spirituality and soul, are inquisitive, love language, and live more for being than doing. You are roughly 25 to 35 white or Asian, and maybe (hopefully) you live not far away, in MD or DC or VA...
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