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Living-Foods: Personals: jerryknox

Id Number000177
Date PostedJan 14, 1999
Locationportland , oregon, USA
I eat76%-95% Living/Raw Vegetarian Foods
Height5ft. 7in.
Occupationchiropractic physician/writer
Descriptionintelectual, loving, family oriented, good physical condition, very wealthy in every way except money, in particular I have the very great blessing to work in promoting and living the living foods lifestyle. Part of that is done in my first full length book, LOVE THINE ENEMAS & HEAL THYSELF, which can be viewed at, to read this book is to know me. One of the missions of my life is to share and spread the living foods lifestyle.
Hobbiesmotor home travel, camping, hiking, chess, discussion groups, kids
GoalsI am a dreamer--- I dream of a living foods world--- to that end I will live that way myself, and my family I am a doer=== I write health books on common treatments like enemas, and teach simple ways to live and be in harmony with the universe I am not an island--- alone teaching and believing these things, I am alone, togethar with my love and our children we are a family becoming the family of man bringing change, a better world into being. I would be associated and work with and in a center or school teaching and living these things.
Quotethe living foods life style is at once the most healthful way to live, to be healthful, to be at peace with oneself. It is also the way to live lightly onthe earth. by living this way one can make room for at least 32 other people to live on the earth. We may be unable to influence the decisions of national and world leaders by protest, votes or violence; but we can influence the world by first living correctly and changing our own lives. In fact we can only change the world by changing ourselves. What is more significant than to choose to make ourselves out of life itself.
Ideal Mateshe loves children and wants to be a mother and wife, that being said she obviously must be much younger than I. She is committed to living the living foods life style, and health. She will co create with me a way of being, loving and living that will focus our family of the service of mankind and the world by living correctly and sharing that dream and reality with others. She is the light of my life and our children's. She is the romance the joy of living, she is my lady
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